• Why are there no products on your website?

    Items are dropped on a schedule (every 2 weeks usually) but they sell out very quickly. You can join the FB bst group to find one second hand or check out my home page for the date of the next drop and come back then.

  • How many items will you drop?

    I strive to create 40 plus accessories for the mid month drop and 40 plus bags for the main drop.

    I design each and every item myself. I do have a wonderful assistant that helps assemble items but since there is just us, I am limited to how many items I can produce. Such is the blessing of slow fashion from a small business.

  • When do you ship items after an order?

    Drops are scheduled on Fridays, occasionally that does change but not often, and I strive to ship everything out by the following Friday. Those used to 2 day shipping may gasp but that's only 5 business days because I am a small business that very much appreciates your support.

  • How do I reach out about an order or question I have?

    Please email my site coordinator at orders@hippiemommabags.com